CraigComputrainer2013In triathlon, you spend the majority of your racing time on the bike.  Improvements in this discipline can really impact your overall race time both by increasing your bike speed and also by building fitness and efficiency to leave you prepared to run to your full potential. Feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?  Work with WannaTri’s USA Cycling Level 3 Coach Seth to take your cycling to the next level.  We’re known for producing strong cyclists with excellent riding skills by following a steady progression of skills and fitness acquisition.

Computrainer Spin Scan Analysis and Cycling Skills Ride

If you’ve never ridden a Computrainer, it’s no ordinary trainer. This tool provides invaluable insights into your stroke mechanics as well as instant feedback on changes. This initial one hour session includes digital analysis of your pedaling stroke, feedback on your power generation, shifting technique, stroke technique, and drills to improve your cycling form.

Outdoor Cycling Skills Ride

This one on one ride lasts approximately 75 minutes and includes instruction on bike handling, cornering, basic safety, basic group ride skills, and technique. Learn how to get the most out of your ride every time.

Lactate Threshold Cycling-Specific Step Testing

For those individuals that don’t like field testing but still want accurate heart rate and power zones on the bike, this alternative offers practical, accurate testing for endurance athletes on your bike in a controlled environment. Includes explanation of training zones, and calculated zones and power based on test data.

Madlibs Weekly Group Power Ride

This FREE up-tempo 20ish mile interval ride through Paradise Valley is a great way to build bike strength with plenty of places to regroup. Hang out with Coach Seth afterwards and grab some coffee and talk all things triathlon and cycling.  Currently, we are on winter break, but when we resume, we’re departing Tuesdays at 6:00am from the SW corner of Indian School and Miller (Coffee Bean parking lot).  If you haven’t attended Madlibs recently (or ever) make sure to RSVP below so we know you’re coming and can confirm the start time.

MadlibBs Thursdays

This is shorter version (16 miles) of the Tuesday ride, and is also free, but that doesn’t mean its easy!  Currently, we are on winter break, but when we resume, we’ll depart Thursdays at 6:00am from the from the SW corner of Indian School and Miller (Coffee Bean parking lot).

Contact us to schedule your cycling skills ride, LT test, or to RSVP to the Madlibs group rides. For pricing, please review our coaching rates sheet.

What our athletes are saying…

“My challenge was following impersonal training plans was not resulting in the improvement that I wanted to see. After following a training plan from a magazine for my prep for Show Low, I experienced a brutal Deuceman bike leg, woefully unprepared! I am happy with the coaching that I have received. It doesn’t hurt that I get to spend a lot of time with my coach on bike rides!” – TC

“I see continuous improvement in my endurance, strength, technique, and speed. It’s a huge ego/confidence boost that I’m within 1-2% of run PR’s I set 15 years ago. I’m within seconds of swim PR’s that I set in high school (37 freaking years ago!). My strength and confidence on the bike is always improving.” – BAM

“The bike LT test was a real eye-opener! Being able to get on a CompuTrainer and actually “seeing” my performance was amazing feedback! I always thought that I had to train ‘hard’ most of the time to get my body in race shape. Understanding the importance of gearing-down and spending the necessary time doing the base miles was a new concept to me. Threshold testing has allowed me to train with a heart monitor–something I had never done before! It’s great to be able to monitor my training AS it happening to make sure I am staying on track.” -CM